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Welcome to Kate’s Treasure, a beautiful collection of Tibetan Beads and Nepalese Beads. We import our beads and pendants directly from Nepal. The beads are hand-made in the traditional style by artisans that receive a fair wage for their exquisite work.

Our company started in 2006 with a partnership between a family living in Nepal and ourselves. Our goal is to make a better life for our children and provide opportunities to other families. The beads are made by several different artisians and we hope to increase our business so that we can engage more artisans.

Our collection includes beautiful beads and pendants with intricate carvings. They are made of Naga shell, turquoise, copal-amber, coral, agate, yak bone, onyx, lapis, carnelian, silver and brass all sure to make your creation a special treasure. They are made with a silver content of .925 (sterling silver) or better unless other wise noted. Great for bellydancing costumes and tradiitional ethnic costumes. There are many Tibetan Bead Web sites out there. I have been told many times that I carry the best beads and the best quality. We carry unique beads because we order the beads ourselves, not just carry beads that are readily available in the markets. We have them made in Nepal with real silver and have them made with heavy caps not just the typical foil caps.

Choose one of the tabs above to find a unique piece for your designs. Our beads are high quality designer beads that will make your designs stand above the competition. I have found that with all the commercialism and competition in jewelry making, it is the unique piece that catches the buyer’s eye. They coordinate well with each other and for added interest add crystals and Karen Hill Tribe Silver.

For designers and bead stores who hold a tax resale certificate the wholesale discount is 40% off with a minimum of a $200 purchase. Please e-mail your resale certificate to info@katestreasure.com or fax it to 914-526-4532. When you order, please reference the fax to get the discount. I will send you a code to put into the voucher box so that the discount can be applied during checkout.

Orders are filled on weekdays, but not on Friday, Saturday or Sunday. Orders take up to two days to fill and be mailed. We mail our packages through the United States Post Office Priority Mail Service or, Express Mail if requested, for orders inside and outside of the US. Our shipping charge is 6.00 for orders inside the US. If you have a very small order we will ship it first class mail and the charge will be about 3.00 Shipping varies for international orders and will be charged accordingly.

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Tibetan Silver Hand carved Naga shell pendant adorned with mythical animals

Tibetan Amber with silver banding 25 x 25 mm